How to Have a Spiritual Cleanse and Why

Maybe you have heard before that it is good to detoxify your body from time to time. It’s important to rid yourself of all the bad toxins and start fresh with a healthy diet plan. The same is true of the spirit. The spirit will consume toxins of sorts as well.


How so? All the negative thoughts, experiences, and situations are absorbed into the spirit, much like unhealthy toxins are absorbed into the body. Do you know how good it feels to stand in the hot shower and let the water run over your face after you’ve been crying? It’s a spiritual cleansing. That’s what we are talking about here.


But saying one needs a spiritual cleanse and understanding how to go about achieving the cleanse are two very different things. Before you continue with your cleanse, it is important to note the reasons why you need one.


Here are the ways to start your cleanse.


Identify The Energies That Need Cleansing

Before you continue with this cleans, note the reasons for doing it. What bad energies are you harboring? Why do you think you are experiencing these things? This will give you an idea of what needs to be focused on. Perhaps you have recently experienced some recent relationship issues or issues surrounding work? In what part of your life is the negative energy most surrounding you? That’s a good place to start.


Release the Burden to a More Powerful Source

This is the most important part, and unfortunately, it is also the part a lot of people struggle with. Releasing your burden to a more powerful source could mean prayer if you find comfort in that. Others may need to get out and connect with nature. Writers may release their burdens into poetry or prose; artists into their painting and so on. Some may even be able to achieve this through exercise or running. Whatever your device, the important thing is that you are able to release this energy into a greater source than you. Unburden.


Fill Yourself With Positive Vibes

Once you are depleted of the negative energies, new space will be created to fill yourself with the positive. After a physical detox, one would typically want to eat fresh vegetables and drink lots of water. The same goes for the spirit. Once you have purged the toxins, it’s time to fuel yourself with more positive vibes. This is easier said than done. Especially after feeding yourself negativity for so long, it can be a difficult transition to change your diet so readily. The best way to change your diet is to change your thinking, which means you must force yourself to remain in the moment and stay conscious of your thinking until you can position your brain down a new path for thinning.


Be Willing to Make Sacrifices

Change is never easy, so it’s important to maintain focus and be willing to endure the consequences. Sometimes we must let go of certain situations or memories, or in some cases people we love, that are toxic to the spirit. Either they force their negativity on to you or they fuel addiction that has added to the problems or prevented you from thinking clearly enough to cleanse the spirit sooner. If you prepare yourself from the start to take on the hardships involved in a spiritual cleanse, you won’t be caught by surprise.

Change the Way You Perceive the World Around You

A lot of the negative energies we absorb are a result of the way we view the world. All things begin with sight. From the moment the first human opened their eyes and began perceiving the world, our thinking took shape. What we think is based on what we perceive. What we perceive in a moment is our choice. What we choose to look at and what we choose to experience, is again, our choice. Change your perception, change your thinking. Change your thinking and envelope positive energy.


Comment below and let us know if this method worked for you!

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