Having a Bad Day? 5 Ways to Break the Cycle Before It Spirals Out of Control

Who else has experienced a bad day that sets your insides out? How about one bad day moving into the next? How about a pattern of a bad month or year? This is not so uncommon as you might think. Once the negative emotions overtake, it will continue to spread throughout your life: at least it will until you make a conscious decision to make it stop. Here’s what to do to stop those bad vibes from overthrowing your life before it even has a chance to fester.


What Do You Do?


Remain positive by shrugging off the bad and smile anyway.

A bad day is a bad day. But keep your Life in perspective. A good life is still a good life even when you’re having a bad day.


Use logic—don’t allow your mood to fail due to people and situations you personally have no control over.

When bad things happen it’s important to distinguish between the issues you are making for yourself and the issues that other people are making for you. Why? Because if the bad day is caused by you, you have the power to change it. If it is caused by other people, you do not relinquish control. Instead, you must accept and move on allowing the circumstances to affect you less. No one said it was easy.


Ask yourself, “are you deceiving yourself into thinking you’re having a bad day because of one little thing?”

Did you have one little thing go wrong (ahem… maybe at the beginning of the day) and now the whole day has seemed to go to hell in a handbasket? If the answer is yes, then come on, knock it off. Don’t let one bad egg spoil the bunch. Get over it and stop spreading bad vibes!


Ask yourself, “did your bad day start from the inside out or the outside in?”

Understanding the answer to this question is key to how you are going tackle your bad day. If the bad vibes began with you, be careful not to spread them to others. Instead, listen to what the spirit is asking for. Maybe you are in need of rest and relaxation.


Help make someone else’s day better.

Instead of spreading all those negative emotions around, try to be the force of relief in someone else’s life. Spread some positivity and see if it comes back to you.


Take some time alone to find relief:

Everybody needs to be alone sometimes… Everybody needs some time away…”  seriously, sometimes we just need some time away from all the noise to recharge our battery and gain new perspective without being slapped in the face by negativity at each corner. So don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones exactly what you need and why.


Take some time to relax at home.

There’s nothing wrong with a low vibe day or taking some personal time every now and again. That brings us to our last point and that is everyone needs personal days. We can’t all run on high frequency and positivity all the time. Every car needs to stop for gas, every horse needs its water. Oka,y you get the point. Give yourself a break from the world and rest. once and awhile.


Believe it or not, an individual can actually learn a lot about themselves from a bad day. It gives you the opportunity to practice gratitude above all odds. It shows you how resistant to a person you are. Are you giving in to the negativity or are you rising above it? How can you change to be better and make your life better as a result?


Bad days create balance in your life too. Often times it is a message from the universe that’s it’s time for you to slow down and practice self-care or simply it’s time to make a change. Either way, the important factor here is that you don’t let a bad day get you down or stop you from being happy.

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