Follow Your Heart: The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Your Dreams Come True

We all have a desire to find happiness. From a young age we are told by adults that when you’re young, anything is possible. All your dreams can come true., but should you follow your heart or another path? We think that happiness is found at the end of the line when all your dreams come true. There’s just one problem. Most of us don’t even know what those dreams are.


We grasp for a calling and settle upon false dreams. In actuality, we are not chasing dreams at all, we’re chasing the feeling of accomplishment and self-fulfillment. But that’s not how Dreams comes true.


Ok, then, we know what you’re thinking: you’re probably thinking something like “how do you make dreams come true?” The answer—the very simple answer—is, you follow your heart. Here’s what to do and perhaps even more valuable what NOT to do in order to follow your heart to your dreams.


The “Do’s and Dont’s” to Follow Your Heart:


Do Figure Out Your Dreams

Figure out what your dreams are and understand that they may not always stay the same. People grow and change and so why wouldn’t their dreams change?


Do Take Action

Whatever your Dream is, you must be willing and ready to go through the hard work of making it come true. Anything in life worth having doesn’t come easy, so get off your duff and make it happen!


Do Refuse Complacency

Complacency is the enemy. It sneaks into your life without a word and convinces you that you are happy the way you are. There is no real desire or need for change or growth in your life. It’s not about being happy with what you have, it’s about being happy with what you have while still seeking growth. it’s a balance everyone must find.


Do Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities to Succeed

Need we say more? Life will grind you down. Don’t let it! Have faith in your abilities. If you cannot reach your goal now, keeping working towards it until you are trained and ready to. Take Failure not as a failure, but as experience and learning.


Do Have a Good Attitude Towards Life

If you have a bad attitude about life, your Life will be bad. What we foresee in our future is almost always what is to come. What we choose to look back upon us sure to define us.


Don’t Be Lazy

Need we say more? Lazy is a trait that will bite you in the butt every time. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually.


Don’t Give Into The Temptations of a Lesser Way of Life

This goes back to the earlier category to refuse complacency. Choose to live the high road. Be a good person and don’t give into the temptation to watch your Life vanish from you.


Don’t Believe the Negativity

The world is a hard place and people will tear you down. They may not mean to, they may not know any better. Be the positive force in your life and everyone else’s too.


Don’t Dish Out The Negativity

Which brings us to the next point: don’t be the negative force. Don’t tear people down, down complain about your life. Save that energy and use it to discover your own dreams and who you are.


Don’t Give Up

The Last and probably most important step is to never ever give up on yourself or your dreams.


Sending much love your way as you discover the path to your dreams today and every day.


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