Feeling Lost, Lonely, Depressed? Maybe It’s Time To Seek Out The Healing Powers Of Nature

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

~Hans Christian Andersen

If you feel a little under the weather, consider taking to the woods to heal your afflictions. Depression and anxiety are very common in today’s society. In fact, records show we have more accounts of depression today than any other documented time period. Is it possible that we are too plugged in and that we have forgone our most needed and perhaps even necessary connection to nature?


Science proves a lack of nature creates unhealthy lives: this is true on many accounts. Lack of sunlight prevents you from getting the proper amounts of vitamin D. Likewise, our foods and nutrients to survive come from the earth. We are a part of nature and as such we are energized by it much like the fruits and vegetables we put into our diet. When we don’t get enough of it we become somewhat sedentary and worse we neglect the healing powers it does have to offer us.


Eat healthy foods nature has to offer: that brings us to the next category of healthy eating. When you healthy fruits and vegetables that come straight from nature’s bosom, you are feeding your body and your brain nutrients that will nourish you and make you feel naturally good. In fact, nutritionists claim that a good diet is the best antidepressant on the market to this day.


Observe nature and absorb from it: take the time to see nature through light and shadows. Why not go out at sunrise and sunset every day? Look at the stars at night. Be a part of something greater. Get fresh air. When you do this, your big problems become much smaller. They are easy to leave behind. Only bring along with you matters of the soul. Light is beautiful and it travels so far through the universe. Light is time. Light is love. All things begin with light, so remember to take the time to appreciate it.


Listen to the sounds of water on the earth: sound has the ability to affect both our soul and body, sometimes simultaneously. According to an article posted on livestrong.com “the effects of sound in the brain include evoking emotions, triggering the release of stress chemicals and impacting the development of new neural pathways in the brain.”  The sounds of nature are not only incredibly therapeutic and calming but in fact, they also possess the ability to decrease stress and anxiety while releases happy endorphins in our brains. It doesn’t get much better than that!


The next time you are in need of a little help, try going out into nature. Why not turn off the TV and lay awake to listening to the sounds of crickets instead? Watch the fireflies flutter in a circle. When you are lost and lonely, you are lacking connectedness. Connect with nature. It is a big part of you and it is present whenever you need it, you just have to reach out for it.


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