Exhausted All the Time? This Could Be Why…

If you have recently asked the question “why am I exhausted all the time,” then you are in luck–this article is for you!!

If you have been feeling severe fatigue, here are a few reasons why. However, keep in mind that being severely fatigued can be a symptom of a much more serious disease and if you think that might be the case, then it is probably time to see the doctor.

The following could be adding to your exhaustion:

Too much sugar

One Of the main symptoms of diabetes and heart disease is fatigue. Both of these things are caused by excessive intake. If you are eating too much sugar, this could be a direct correlation to extreme fatigue. For your body, all of these things are interconnected. Consider changing some of your not so good eating habits. Ask yourself this, would a change in your diet be worth the extra health and energy?

Too much alcohol

Studies indicate that alcohol prevents the higher brain functioning to get proper REM sleep. Although initially, alcohol is a depressant that will help you fall asleep, it also has a negative impact on other areas of sleep. But that’s not all. Alcohol in excess is quite harmful to you in many other ways that are all just as likely to be a cause for fatigue. If you feel that something isn’t right, consider cutting back or eliminating alcohol from your consumption altogether.

Not enough exercise  

This one is a tough one for one simple reason. If you are suffering from fatigue, exercise will be the last thing in the world you will ever feel like doing. However, there is a good chance that it was lack of exercise that caused your fatigue to begin with. When your body has continuously been put into a state of hibernation, it tends to expend less energy. So what do you do? Get moving and tell your body you’re in need of your energy. At first your body isn’t going to believe you, but with lots of inner strength and persistence eventually, it will listen and so will your desire to exercise.

Too much stress

Stress is stressful, there’s not much else to it. It is a strain on the physical and emotional being: both mind and body. It wears you out, wears you down and then some. How much stress do you have weighing you down? If you answer “a lot” then very likely this is the cause of your fatigue. 

Fatigue is a serious problem for many people. This is especially true for recent times. Modern technologies have made life less active physical and more stimulating mentally. With much mental stress with little body exertion, it’s no wonder we find ourselves in a state of exhaustion.

It is important, especially by today’s standards to love ourselves and out of that love create for ourselves a healthy balanced life so that we do not become victims of circumstance and evolve in the wrong direction. Sending much love, life and hope your way today. ❤️

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