Do You Have the Power to Heal Someone You Love?

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

– Helen Keller

For centuries nutritionists have understood the amazing healing power contained within the human body. When we suffer an injury, what happens? Our bodies heal themselves. When we get a cut, it heals; when we break a bone, it reconnects. Muscles regenerate. The body is fluid and it’s really quite extraordinary. That is because human beings carry within them healing power. This healing power is not limited to our bodies, it goes much deeper than that into the psyche where the emotional self dwells. There is an expression that says time heals all wounds and that is both true spiritually and physically. The fact that humans are in control of their own biology is incredible and this includes the power to change the direction of neural pathways in the brain. That means we are capable of changing the way we think and feel about anything. Anyone who has warded off any kind of addiction understands this fact. With nutrition, exercise and a desire to retrain your mind to think positively, absolute physical, psychological and spiritual health can be achieved.

It is true that people have the power to heal themselves. They have the power to change the course of their entire lives—to lead themselves to a better destination. This fact raises a question that many individuals have. That question is, do we have the power to heal others as well? Is our healing power strong enough to apply to other beings in the universe besides ourselves? Certainly, there are people in the world who claim to have the power to heal. Then there is the question of love itself. Does love have healing power, and if so, can we heal someone simply by loving them? These are all questions that many of us have struggled with over the years. Men and women in abusive relationships ask, can I change the other person? The answer is maybe, sometimes, but generally no.

Here’s What You Need to Understand:


You can not heal in others what is not healed in you. Although you can be on a journey together with a similar destination, if you suffer from the same ailments as the individual you wish to heal, you will not have the ability or the healing power to help them. An alcoholic probably shouldn’t give a liver to another alcoholic, it just doesn’t make sense. However, this does not mean that you cannot help someone. You can be a psychologist suffering from depression and still treat someone with depression. You can be a doctor with a broken bone that is treating a patient who also has a broken bone. A person suffering from addiction can reach out and give advice to another person suffering from an addiction. That’s simply what we call human connection and there are no circumstances of which that cant happen. That said, in order to use healing power to heal your body, truly heal your body, you must first make the decision to treat your body like the temple that it is. In order to ward off negative thinking, you must first embrace the change that you must work at in order to create the change within your brain. Until you have done this you do not have the power to influence another to do it. It is not possible to share your healing energy when you have not yet become aware of it or understand how to use it for yourself.

If you are hurting yourself to heal others, you are not really healing others. Let’s talk about the true meaning of healing. If you are healing someone you are restoring them to a natural state of health, but if you are becoming unhealthy in the process, the healing is not true healing, but a transference of energy. Unnecessary self-sacrifice. Why is it unnecessary when it’s someone you love, maybe more than the world itself? Because they have the energy to heal themselves just as you do, just as everyone does. It is a gift we are all born with. If your loved one is depleting you of your healing energy to a point where you no longer have enough to heal yourself, it is selfish and not an act of love. An example of this would be the giving of your emotional self to a narcissist or a person who suffers from severe emotional issues. You may feel like you are helping them by giving yourself over, but in actuality all you are doing is hurting yourself and them more by enabling them to continue down an unhealthy path and by choosing to go down an unhealthy path yourself. You can give an alcoholic a drink and it will ease their pain in the moment, but in the long run it will simply hurt them more. The more a loved one is hurt, the more you hurt for them. It’s a sad truth and being in a situation like this is not a happy place to be.

Energy begets energy. It’s science. The more you heal and cleanse your body and soul, the more healing energy you create. The more healing energy you create, the more likely you will be to share that healing power with someone else. Energy feeds energy, so if you are putting out healthy positive vibes, others will feed off that and begin to see a clear path to self-healing. That does not mean you should have to retain negative energy in order to pass along the positive. That is not a fair trade. Besides, when it comes to healing there is no place for disease and there is no place for negativity either.

We all have the power to heal from within. Sometimes we just need a little help to find it. Practices such as Reiki can help relieve stress or remove mental blocks that have been preventing us from reaching our healing power. Remember, healing yourself and your body starts with self-love.

It’s never too late to start loving you and treating yourself with kindness. After all, the world needs a lot more kindness in it, don’t you think? And what better place to start then the place you have the most control over, inside you!

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