Conquering Your Fears – You Are Bigger Than Your Demons

One of the most famous and well known giant slaying stories is the ancient biblical story of King David and the giant Goliath, the giant would stand Outside and taunt the Israelites. He became a symbol of their fears, their negative perceptions as well as their immoralities. These are the things that David slew. They are the things in our lives that we too are capable of defeating.

We all suffer at the hands of the giants in our lives even when they seem so much bigger than us. They seem aggressive and we may feel like we don’t have a chance against them. We fear them. For this reason, like the Israelites, we choose to allow them to torment us and to impact our lives in unbearable ways.

We have good news for you. Great news in fact. You are BIGGER than your giant. You too can slay the giants that are plaguing your life.

Here are a few ways to rid your life of your Goliaths.

1.  Realize your giant is a manifestation of the real problem at hand not necessarily the problem itself

Most of the time we will come to realize that the giant is not simply the outcome of a greater problem. For example,

let’s say that you are having relationship problems and that you are fighting a lot with your spouse. You will come to realize that in order to defeat your big giant, you must first defeat the little giants. For instance, you may suffer from relationship problems as a result of jealousy. The giant that you want to slay is the “fighting” taking place in a relationship, but the fighting would not exist in the first place if it wasn’t for the jealous emotions that have taken hold. The real problem is not the fighting in the relationship, but the reasons leading up to the fighting. You must slay the source(slay the fear) or else the giant will continue to return relationship after relationship until every meaningful relationship in your life has been destroyed.

2. Use the tools available to you

When we say to use the tools available to you, we are talking about qualities that everyone possesses. Qualities such as love, forgiveness, understanding. It is with these tools that we defeat the little giants on the journey to the overall destination of slaying the big giant. Once we do that, simple tools will slay the problem. For example, once you defeat the smaller giants with these tools, then the larger giant can be slain with simple physical tools, such as physical love, compliments, talking, and so on.

3. Conquer Your Fears

In order to conquer your giants, whatever they may be, you must first conquer the fear you have inside you. You must wash away the doubts. If you believe something is impossible to defeat, then it will be. If your giant is an addiction, before you quit your addiction, you must first conquer the fear that you have of living without the addiction in your life.

In the end, ridding yourself of these tormentors can be a freeing experience, but as so it can take a lot of self-work and dedication to the task. While you’re on your journey remind yourself that you are bigger than your giants. Good luck and much love coming your way.

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