7 Steps To Become The Artisan Of Your Own Life

Most people aspire for greatness in their lives. Much like an artist who aspires to be a great painter or potter or poet, it is up to us to become the artisans of our own lives and create the masterpiece so longed for and sought after. But how is that even possible when one cannot control the actions of the world? When one is continuously held back when they are trying to move ahead or pulled forward before they have yet ceased to be a part of the past?

The world is a complicated place and as individuals, we must learn to be the artisan of our lives or else we fall privy to all the bad. Here are 7 steps that will help you triumph over the hardships and become the artisan of your own life.


1. Realize good people come out of challenging situations

Bad things happen in life, but that does mean you have to be bad or that your life has to be bad because of it. As the artisan of your own life, it is your job to realize that good people can rise up out of bad and challenging situations. As a result, you can use the challenging situations in life to shape yourself into a better, more loving being.


2. Remember that all good things take diligence

In order to become the masterpiece you are seeking, you must put forth a great deal of creative energy, focus, and work. Anything worthwhile in life takes diligence, practice, dedication, and hard work. We truly have to practice things before we get the hang of it. Think about it. It has taken you this long to become who you are, it’s going to take a while to become who you want to be.


3. Take responsibility for your own life

If you want to be the writer of your own story, you must first learn how to take responsibility for it. Stop being the victim and start being the one responsible for being the person that you are. Crappy things may have happened to us, but it is our responsibility to heal from it and become our next chapter.


4. Decide to pursue spiritual growth from every situation

Every situation, both good and bad, is an opportunity to grow spiritually. Even bad times give us the opportunity to understand the world and become more loving creatures as a result. When we open our lens and look at challenging situations from the outside, we can often see the higher purpose of the event. Take it in stride, learn from it and move on.


5. Be thankful for all the nuances that make you, YOU

Instead of being upset about the things you don’t like about yourself, try embracing all the things that make you, YOU. Be thankful that you have been given the unique opportunity to experience the world as yourself. Gratitude brings great gifts to deserving people. When we truly understand the great gift we have been given to be alive, the incredible odds that it took to create US, we can be grateful for what lies ahead in our lives.


6. Take good care of your physical well being

We have been given a unique opportunity to choose health and wellness for ourselves. By sending nourishment to our bodies and exercising and practicing in such things as meditation and yoga, we are choosing health and happiness for ourselves. When we slow ourselves down to be able to keep in touch with our soul, we end up flourishing.

7. Be kind to yourself, even when you feel like you’re failing

We all need a break sometimes. Try not to focus on all the things you feel like you’re doing wrong and instead focus on all the things you are doing right.

Taking control of your life isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort. These seven steps are a good place to start in becoming the creator of your own world, the world you choose for yourself. We are far more than our mistakes.

Who do you want to be? You have the ability to be whoever you want to be. I recently read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. I highly suggest it for anyone who wants to radically change their patterns of behavior and step into the greatness that awaits you.

YOU get to choose what you want for your life.

Become it…NOW!

This is how I really started to become the creator and artisan of my own life…I began to write. Check out my poetry book, Roots and Tendrils.

Sending lots of love. ~Heidi

Heidi Dellaire Roots and Tendrils
Roots and Tendrils, by Heidi Dellaire

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