5 Tips to Increase Positivity in Your Life

The movement of positive thinking is not new.  The power of positive thinking is now well established among wellness professionals, doctors and thought gurus. When you increase positivity in your life, amazing things start to happen to you.


An increase in positivity can literally make you a healthier human being both mentally and physically. So, why do we find it so hard to stay in a positive mindset if positivity can bring such amazing benefits?  


If we are not mentally strong, we can have a tendency to stay in a negative mindset.  We might get caught in overthinking and toxic thought patterns of doubt, fear, jealousy or comparison.  These can keep us from seeing the positive aspects of life and can lead to both mental and physical health issues.  Some people get caught in reliving the miserableness of the past instead of the positive aspects of the now and the future.

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Here are 5 Tips to Help You Increase Positivity in Your Life


Go Within

We often look outside of ourselves for answers.  We may look to another person for our guidance or our happiness when what we really need is to go deep within ourselves to find our own happiness. Set up a spiritual practice of some sort to help you sort out your own inner compass.  That may be through meditation, journaling, reading, focused breathing or yoga. There are several practices that can help you get to the core of you and what you want for your own happiness. When we connect to ourselves, we end up connecting to nature and the world.  We are able to connect to the positive aspects of all things good. When you understand yourself and the way you move in the world, you automatically move with more positivity.


Direct Your Energy

We truly are what we think.  Negative thoughts and emotions attract negative outcomes and people into our lives. Positive thoughts and emotions attract positive outcomes and people into our lives. Self-awareness is so important here.  When you are aware of negative thoughts, gently guide them away and replace them with positive ones. Ask the universe for guidance and assistance in releasing your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.


Visualize The Life You Want to Be Living

When we can visualize the life we want to live, pieces start to fall into place to make that visualization become a reality. Creative visualization is a powerful tool.  Again, we are what we think we are. When we can put the spin into our minds of the positive outcomes we desire, we push out the negative thoughts from this visualization. If you want to be a public speaker who uplifts people, you have to constantly visualize yourself onstage or behind the camera and people loving and connecting to what you have to say. You have to sit in the “feeling” of what that is.  


Surround Yourself with Writing, Reading and Listening to Positive People

Where can you get support in staying positive?  There are countless positivity gurus out there that you can draw inspiration from.  Seek out books and lectures of positive people. And then…write about it. There is no stronger connection to your inner positive self than writing your own positive affirmations. Who is in your positivity circle?  Are the people who are close to you negative or supporting and positive? If you are needing to cut some negative nellies loose, this may be the time. We can only move forward with very strong positive surroundings and that includes the people in your inner circle.


Mental Resilience

As you continually bring yourself back to thoughts of positivity, you will be able to handle times of adversity with much more ease.  There are certain mental traits that start to develop with the continual practice of positivity. Mental resilience relies on acceptance, adaptability and most of all…gratitude. Having gratitude for what we already have in our lives is a key step in being able to stay positive and the also have our visualizations of what we desire in our lives to come true. Positive people find all of the encouragement they need deep within themselves.  When negative circumstances arise, we are able to move through them easier because of the positivity that we have been practicing. 


So imagine, if you turned up the dial on your own positive thoughts, like turned it way up, how would that affect the people and environment around you.  Maybe as Gary Vaynerchuk says, “We don’t need more positivity. We need it to be LOUDER.”

So, turn your positivity up louder and it will turn your life and the life of others brighter.


Attract Positivity Gratitude and Appreciation 14-Day Challenge
Attract Positivity Through Gratitude and Appreciation 14-Day Challenge



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Article Written by Heidi Dellaire, Founder of Love Wide Open

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