5 Surprising Traits Of Likable People

What does it take to be a likable person? How can you make yourself attractive to others, but not necessarily from a physical standpoint? First, you must realize that being liked does not have as much to do with your physical appearance as you might think. It also doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear or how much money you have. What matters at the end of the day is how you make others feel.


Here are a few surprising traits that have nothing to do with circumstance or physicality in any way that is extremely likable to others:


Laughter– laughter is provocative, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, someone who laughs can be the difference between someone who you like to be around and someone you don’t want to be around. Laughter is an instant stress relief, mood enhancer, and has the power to wipe away all preexisting emotions.


Teasing and humor– where we all know and understand that humor is a very likable trait, we don’t always associate teasing with being likable. Sure, teasing can be very harmful under the wrong set of circumstances, however, teasing is also a great way to engage with people you enjoy being around. In fact, teasing can be a sign of endearment.


They listen and learn– most people love to talk about themselves. People with likable personalities listen to others talk rather than talk about themselves. They ask the other person genuine questions of interests and then listen while they talk about them. This makes these types of people extremely fun and engaging to be around


They tell stories and engage– likable people have great storytelling skills and always find the time to tell stories that are of interest. These are the people who come to work and make their breakfast something to hear about. They make the world far more colorful and that’s why they are so likable.


They avoid gossip– here’s one that will really shock you. People who do not participate in gossip are far more likable because you know they can be trusted and they have your best interest at heart. You know them as a friend and don’t ever have to worry that they will be anything less than that. It is people like this that make the world go round and bring peace to every situation.


If you want to be more likable to friends, family, and coworkers, try actively embracing these traits. Adopt laugher, playfully tease the people you love, listen, engage, and above all else do not judge or gossip about the people in your life. If you do these five things, you are well on your way to being not only a likable person but a better person as well!

Do you have other ideas of what makes a person likable?  Please leave your ideas in the comment box below.  We would love to hear from you.

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