4 Powerful Ways to Kick Negative Thoughts Out of Your Mind for Good

If you are stuck in patterns of negative thinking but want out, here are a few tips we put together to help you kick your negative thoughts to the curb for good!


Kick Negative Thoughts to The Curb


Allow yourself the thoughts, but don’t get caught in negative thinking patterns– Thoughts are not bad unless you allow them to overtake you and destroy your self-esteem.  In fact, there are some circumstances in which these thoughts can motivate you to do great things or even push you beyond your typical limitations. Because negative thinking is rooted in survival as is fear, they are necessary for survival and success. It’s when these thoughts overrun your brain and you get pulled into cycles of it that becomes destructive to your brain. Getting these thoughts under control and learning what to do with them is the goal, not eliminating them or pretending like they don’t exist at all.


Try hashing out the negative thoughts during exercise or physical exertion- This one might sound a little crazy but it works! When you are participating in a physical activity you are releasing happy endorphins in the brain. The exercise gives the brain the positive chemicals it needs to fight off negative thinking. So bring it on. Think all the bad thoughts you want and exercise it out! Then come back here and let us know if it worked for you!


Don’t let negative people bring you down- Sadly it is often the case where you must cut friends or coworkers out of your Life for good due to negativity. There are people who are not happy and they don’t realize how much they tear others down as a result. It is your duty to yourself not to allow their negative thinking to poison your thoughts. Granted, there are times when these people cannot be cut out. Coworkers, for example, are people you have to be around. Try writing it out. Disprove on paper what your coworker is saying and remind yourself of all the nice things others are saying or have said about you in the past. This is your life to live, so don’t be so quick to hand it over to someone who wants to destroy you.


Question the motives of your negative thoughts as if they were a person coming to destroy your family- Psychologists will tell you to step outside yourself and look at your situation from an outside perspective. This is helpful too when trying to rid yourself of negative thinking.  How would you feel if it was a complete stranger saying these negative things about you? What if they wanted to come into your house and talk to you that way in front of your children or worse talk to your children that way? Ask yourself this question, do you want your kids to talk to themselves the way you talk to you? If the answer is no, then you are being abusive with a lot of negative thoughts. Motivate yourself to set a better example for the people you love.

Breaking the cycle of negative thoughts takes a lot of work and self-awareness.  We send you love through this process.


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