4 Outcomes Of Stressing Over Little Things That Don’t Really Matter

By now you’re probably familiar the most famous phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff.” The premise, as you likely know, is that in order to live a healthy, happy life you must learn how to not focus on the little things that cause your thinking to spiral towards negative thoughts.


It sounds easy, right? I mean if you do have the option and the power to not focus on little things that bring you down and save your energy for positive thinking and on enjoying the little gifts life gives you, then why wouldn’t people choose to do that? In theory making the right choice should be easy, but in reality, t is actually quite difficult. Why is that so? It is because the brain is deceptive. It fabricated truths that are believable and convinces you that it is a reality. The brain may tell you to focus on an insignificant stress, for example, traffic maybe, or someone else’s behavior that you have no control over. The brain deceives you into overthinking and over analyzing every little thought, but you must deny it this right.


When you worry about the little things and focus on negative outcomes in your life, you are actually creating larger more significant outcomes for yourself.

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Here are four examples of how stressing over little things can have a negative impact on your life:


1. You focus on insignificant things and ignore the important things

When expending all of your energy focusing on things that don’t really matter, you use up all the time you have for the things that actually do. Likely you’ve experienced a similar scenario-you down an entire season worrying about how you afford Christmas shopping and then when Christmas rolls around you realize the important thing is being with family and you realize you wasted all that time.


2. You create unnecessary stress and anxiety

When you worry about things that do not matter, you create stress for yourself that doesn’t really need to be there.  In fact, a lot of little stressors can become a big part of your life when you give too much attention to them.  Instead, you should spend your time thinking about positive things and work on decreasing your anxiety. Easier said than done of course. Try this. Every time you start to fret over something that doesn’t really matter, tell  yourself, it doesn’t really matter though and try redirecting your mind to something more positive 


3. You create negative emotions that don’t need to be there

The more we think badly about something, the more negative our outlook on that something becomes. Sometimes when you water a seed, it becomes a plant. The best thing to do is to realize that not all seeds should be watered. Some seeds that we water become weeds and choke the beautiful garden.  Now it’s time to learn how to distinguish one seed from the other.


4. You create a bigger issue out of what could otherwise be a smaller one

This happens so much easier than you may realize. Say you take a very small issue that is bothering you for some reason. It’s really not a big deal that your coworker in cubicle C is smacking her gum, is it? But the fact that your talking about it to all your other coworkers is kind of a big deal and it is spreading workplace drama.


If you walk away from this blog with one key point, it should be this: it is your choice what you think about. If you are full of anxiety and negative thinking, then you must realize your choices of what to focus on in your life is playing a very big roll in that.  It’s like what Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

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