3 Steps to Help You Slow Down!

Slow down you’re doing fine You can’t be everything you want to be before your time. -Billy Joel


You may have noticed the world getting faster. Transportation is faster. Communication is faster. Many of us live in the fast lane. We spend our days traveling both physically and mentally from one place to the next without any regard for the process or what’s going on at any given moment. We focus far ahead in time when our focus should more often be in the present. Social media has pulled our attention from the physical realm and has enabled us to leave our lives completely behind in many situations.


When is the last time you woke up in your life not knowing where you were or how you got there? Stop for a moment and think. What do you remember? What scenery have you passed along the way? Are you even going the right way or are you simply moving along to where your busy life has put you?


If you are one of these people who tends to get swept away by the craziness of the world around you, here is what you need to know about how to slow down your life and why you need to start slowing down today!


It reduces stress:

When you allow yourself to slow down and maintain focus on what you are doing in the present moment, you are essentially leaving your worries in the future or the past where they belong. Concentrate only on the task you have at hand. When you are preoccupied with what’s to come next, you are essentially fast-forwarding through this part of your life. When you maintain focus on yourself in the moment, that’s when you begin to truly get to know yourself. The real you. Taking the time for you and slowing your life down will not only decrease your physical stress, but it allows you to let go of the mental stress you’ve been carrying around with you for God knows how long.


It allows you to make quality memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime:

One of the best things about taking the day to go to the beach is leaving your crazy life behind. It’s just you and the crashing waves. You take the time to reflect and enjoy being a part of the environment. Spending quality time with loved ones and making life memories should be the same way. When you are constantly in the fast lane and rushing from one destination to the next, you tend to forget the good destinations or at the very least spend far less time present there than you should.


It enables regained control and clarity in your life:

Have you ever had that feeling like you are spinning out of control? Or like you ended up somewhere in your life that you didn’t want to be? Perhaps, you are working in a job that you never desired. How did that happen? Isn’t it time you regain the control back in your Life. Slowing down allows you the ability to soul search. It allows you to make your own choices about your Life or at the least be conscious about them.


When you are constantly on the go all the time your brain reacts to the situation accordingly. You release hormones and endorphins to compensate. The human in general, body and spirit is a unique vessel that deserves to be taken care of. Life doesn’t always have to be fight or flight. Sometimes we must remember to slow down and enjoy the senses.

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