3 Steps to Finding the Beautiful in Moments of Darkness

Have you had moments of darkness? Many of us are taught from a young age that we should feel nothing but good emotions. Grief, pain, sadness, anger: those are all emotions that we try to “get over,” “overcome” or “push aside.” In all your time have you once questioned if this is the healthy thing to do? The soul is a complicated being that requires different degrees of life. For what purpose we cannot fathom.


What if we were to tell you that moments of darkness springs beautiful results? Then would you be more open to allowing yourself to experience these moments? What about moments of sadness, grief, loneliness, or anguish? What if your future self told you that, you must go through A to get to B?  What would you do? 


Having moments of darkness in your life is part of being human. When darkness appears, we have two choices. 1. We can allow the suffering to dictate what type of people we will become or 2. We allow the suffering to become a part of us and we use it, not to define who we are, but to make us stronger, wiser, better people.


In order to achieve the latter, you must be able to embrace the darkness and find the beauty in it.


Here are 3 Steps to finding the beauty in moments of darkness.


Connect Yourself to the Source

What do we mean by connecting yourself to the source? This means going against what many of us are taught to do and allow yourself to experience the emotion. Experience the sensation of grief and despair. It is only in these moments of darkness that understanding pervades. Connecting to the source of your darkness and embracing the grief is how you connect to the source. The source will help you grow, which brings us to the next stage.


Realize that as Rain Grows Flowers, Grief Creates Opportunity

We see grief and pain as punishment when we should be seeing it as an opportunity. It can be in the darkest times that we are able to see the clearest. In fact, it is very common for people to look back on their life and say if that bad thing hadn’t happened, this wonderful thing would never have happened. The universe unfolds and all things good or bad lead to other things good or bad. It is our choice which path we take.


Own Your Pain

Owning the pain allows you to control it. Once it is fully embraced then you will realize that you are stronger than it. Sensitive people Understand this the best (See Are You a Sensitive Being?) because they feel emotions on a greater spectrum. Once the pain is under control, you can use it to bring you to better places. Pain is very powerful, but you are more powerful.


No matter how dark or painful your time of darkness is, remember that there is a light, but you must embrace your pain in order to get to it.


Few escape the darkness, it is an integral part of being human. We hope that these three steps will help you use your pain to find brighter pastures in your life.   

© Love Wide Open

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