3 Reasons Why Emotions Are A Positive Force In The World

There is a misconception among people that emotions are not good. That we should shy away from them. For this, there is a very good reason. As a general rule, avoiding emotions for some individuals is better than allowing themselves to be possessed by the negative force that emotions can be sometimes.


But the fact is that emotions are a very important force both from a worldly view and an individual one. Emotions, even the ones that don’t feel so great can be a positive change in the world.


Whereas avoiding your emotions might seem like the logical and perhaps even the easy thing to do, the best thing to do is to learn to view your emotions from a logical place. To embrace them enough to understand them, the reasons behind them, and then make a logical decision of what to do with them, or how to use them. Some emotions you are better off to let go while others should be embraced.


Here are three reasons why emotions are a positive force in the world.


Emotions allow you to connect with other people

It is true that without emotion our connection to others would carry far less significance. Without love, caring, or happiness, relationships become less impactful. But human connectedness goes beyond relationships. Emotions are how you relate to other people on a day to day basis. Even if we can relate to a hard time another person is having and reach out to them as a positive force.


Emotions lead to empathy, which is the source of much good in the world

Not long ago we published an article about the power of empathy in the world. Empathy can be an incredible force, one that we are desperately in need of. Allowing yourself to feel, even the not so pleasant emotions, can be the start of significant change. Real change, meaningful change starts from the inside out.


Emotions create a more meaningful life

Last, emotions create a more meaningful life for the individual. The joy, the love, the fleeting moments. Even grief brings with it a certain sometimes misunderstood beauty. Why? Because there is no greater love than that present in grief. Real love transcends life. Emotions are how to connect with those who have left this life. They are also how we connect with those still here. They add an unexplainable layer of meaning to life.


Emotions can be painful, but it does not mean they should be avoided or shooed away. Emotions serve a higher function that you might not understand at first. The secret is to acknowledge their existence, refuse reaction until you fully understand their existence. Once their purpose becomes clear, then it is time to embrace and use the emotions to create good in the world.


Remember to be healthy with your thinking. Do not allow negative thoughts or feelings to take over your life. Let go of the initial shock of the emotion that puts you in a fight or flight mode. Once that has passed, you have allowed yourself the control. With the control, you can do great things.


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